Computer Lab

Computers are not something alien any more, rather they are a way of life. Noble Women's College has created the most optimum and advanced computer centre. The Computer Lab equipped with latest version of softwares and provides internet connectivity round the clock to students. In this diverse, complex and fast changing world, it is essential to have an open mind. We looks into and for the future of students who are not only taught new concepts, strategies and structure but also get practice in implementing them. Noble Women's College students shine within their peer group with the knowledge of the latest techniques and information technologies.

Psychology Lab

Psychology lab attempts at standardizing tools and designing theoretical frame work from the traditional knowledge. The laboratory hosts a spectrum of facilities to assess cognition, physical abilities and professional skills using computerized test. The laboratory has shown evidences to bring out the efficacy of cognitive abilities. The College has a well equipped psychology lab with all the latest psychological tests and the latest equipments to study total human behaviour and to provide guidance and counseling services. In the Psychology lab of our college there are different types of Intelligence tests Verbal and Nonverbal, Personality tests, Achievement tests, Creativity tests, Aptitude Interest, Adjustment Emotional and Intelligence inventories are available.

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